From The Mill

For years, guitars have become my whole life and will continue to be my dream and my never sallow spirit of life.

Thousands inspirational working hours have been passed to build these ai???made in Indonesiaai??? guitars, the worldwide recognized guitars and played by the pros on international stages. Many challenges still have to be won. Itai??i??s not an easy way but sure itai??i??s not an impossible one.

On 2003, we founded MARLIQUE, the first Indonesian guitars highly appreciated by many Indonesian pro guitarists like Edwin ai???Cokelatai??? and Sony ai???J-Rocksai???. MARLIQUE also well accepted and played by guitarist from Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and many more. Positive reviews in Harmony Central from players all over the world show that we were on the right track.. Very encouraging.

Now, I am in the time to realize my dream with RADIX GUITARS. Nothing changes. Same dream, same spirit and same courage. Experience and hard work should only bring RADIX one step further. One step betterai??i??.

RADIX GUITARSai??i??. my life and my soul.

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