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This model is designed to fulfill Eet Sjahranie’s need of a guitar he dreamed since he was a very young boy. Not an easy task. Need more than a year to finally mix all the ingredients in perfect details. Looks, sound, feel, response to picking attack and every detail are to Mr. Eet’s personal preference.

TESLA VR NITRO ‘S’ Chrome Cover pickups, specially designed for Radix delivers a warm and classic tone with a lot of punch and responsive to any picking attack.

Technical Specifications :

  1. Mahogany body flat top, 38 mm thick.
  2. 5 pieces mahogany D shape ‘set in’ neck 20.5 mm thick at 1st fret, 22.5 mm at 12th fret.
  3. Bound rosewood fret board, 14” radius 41 mm wide at the nut, 55,6 mm at 22nd fret.
  4. Medium jumbo fret, 24 fret, 24.75 inch scale length.
  5. 14 degree angled headstock to boost the sustain.
  6. Die cast 14 : 1 tuners.
  7. TESLA VR NITRO ‘S’ pickups Chrome cover for bridge and neck. VR Nitro with steroids, hot wound for more punch.
  8. 1 volume, 1 three way toggle switch.
  9. 5 ply black/white/black/white/black classic pick guard.
  10. Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo, die cast body keeps the classic and warm tone alive.

Color Options :
Heritage Cherry Red, Black.

Artist Series :
Eet Sjahranie ‘EDANE’.

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