Radix Guitars | Play Confident, Doubtlessly!!!

Radically Reborn

Established in 2003, Radix Guitars Indonesia founded on a solid ground of long experience in designs and production of woodworking products. That was the year we decided to take a new journey in guitar making.

Respect to the beauty and the tradition of a beautiful music instrument called guitar and passion to continuously create “The Best Indonesian Guitar” is the biggest thing in every Radix team’s mind. We believe that we have to push ourselves far beyond our limitations to proudly say that these guitars are “made in Indonesia”.  We will never stop at the point probably called as ‘perfection’.

Piles of designs and prototypes, hundreds production methods, thousands professional gigs, and countless hours of discussions taught us how to build this beautiful instrument.

Radix in your hands could tell you a lot about all of these endless spirit, passion, determination, love and care handed to it.

Radix Guitars… Play Confident, Doubtlessly…


Flat Tops
Single Coils
Semi Hollow