Radix Guitars | Play Confident, Doubtlessly!!!

Welcome to Radix world. Skilled, talented hands work with lots of love to present Radix to you.

Once it arrived to the factory, wood is individually selected. Density, color, weight and tonal character are the main aspects to be inspected. Wood doesn’t meet to the criteria will be returned to the supplier.

Wood is carefully matched and glued together to form basic body blanks. Thickness sanded to a uniform shape. Checked several times to avoid any flaws than send to computerize copier machine to cut it into the shape.

Curly maple veneer is applied as body tops if needed.

Basic coloring prior to final stage is a unique method of Radix, difference with the typical. You will notice the difference later …

Plastic bindings are installed to the colored and base coated bodies using acrylic cement glue. Rubber bands hold them overnight. The binding and wood seam is perfect and clean. No need to worry about access glue.

Next step is cavity routing for pickups, neck, electronics, etc.

Neck blanks are made of 3 pieces wood, arranged and glued together. Wood grain are aligned each other to counteract the wood’s tension. Nyatohveneer are inserted to give the striking appearance.

Basic neck’s profile is shaped with a router. Final shape is done with HANDS.

Last job is fret dressing and nut installing.

Set neck with 4 enforcement screws in standard and deluxe models.

Radix is protected with polyurethane lacquer, sprayed in stages …

For the solid color models, binding scraping is done after the final coloring, using a special knife. The result is a perfect binding and body sharp joint line. Only skilled and steady hands can do this job. Every people have his own uniqueway. Some people like to do it by pushing away; some people like to pull it backwards.

Polyurethane is sprayed in 5 stages, 5 sprays in each stage using wet on wet spraying method. Levelling and sanding is done between stages. Some are hand painted.
Micro wet sanding and buffing to produce a perfect finish on your guitar is done not less in 2 hours! Mirror glass finish!!!

The secret of the perfect playability is in this process. Each neck is made one by one. All frets are dressed and polished and individually inspected to ensure perfect playability.

A skilled tech finally installed the hard wares. All the bridge, pickups, electronics and any other hard wares are installed by 1 tech. It will take longer but it gives personal touch to every each guitar.